Donate to the Collection 

The Australian Opal Centre's remarkable collection is being built by the community. Beautiful, valuable, scientifically and historically significant items are being donated by opal miners, collectors and enthusiasts who want their treasures to be kept safe and made accessible to people of present and future generations.

Do you have something that should be in the AOC collection?
This spectacular and fascinating public collection is being built by the people of the opal fields and people everywhere who have been touched by opal or the spirit of opal field life.

If you have something that you think may belong in the Australian Opal Centre, where it can be cared for and shared with all people in perpetuity, please contact us to discuss what you may have to offer.

Potential collection items include:

  • Opal from anywhere in the world
  • Opalised fossils
  • Old photographs, newspaper or magazine clippings
  • Film or sound recordings
  • Artworks
  • Tools, equipment, machinery or other artefacts
  • Relics of opal field life
  • Books and reprints for our research library
  • High-quality palaeontological casts or models

Read more about the AOC Collection.